Environmental Issues & Insights Online Course

IC 2223
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June 4 - July 29, 2018

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Instructor: Dr. Alexandra Sutton Lawrence

Dr. Lawrence is a graduate of the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke, where she worked with Professor Stuart Pimm to study best practices in biodiversity conservation. Her dissertation, Conservation in the Human Landscape, comprises case studies of leadership, management, and finance in global environmental initiatives – including efforts to halt retaliatory lion killing in Kenya; to reintroduce the white-tailed sea eagle in Scotland; and to improve funding for conservation in Europe and the United States. Her research has been supported by The Explorers’ Club; National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative; and Sigma Xi, and she is also the founder of Kedge Conservation, a social innovation startup that works to promote financial literacy, access, and equity in East & Southern Africa. She has also held previous science policy positions at The Wildlife Society and the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, as well as for representatives in the Maryland State Legislature.

Environmental Issues & Insights Online Course Overview

What are the biggest environmental issues of our time? Where do we get our information about these issues? How should we address these issues? Environmental Issues and Insights will tackle these questions.

In this course you will:

  • Craft interesting questions and follow sequenced assignments to find answers or at least provisional answers.
  • Learn the role and limitations of history, science, policy, law, economics, and humanities in understanding the causes and context for environmental issues.
  • Learn how to apply historical knowledge and methods to the understanding of current issues.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the value of multiple perspectives in approaching environmental issues.
  • Characterize the complexity of environmental issues by employing systems thinking and approaches that go beyond traditional disciplines.
  • Summarize major causes and results of historic and ongoing conflicts in key issues such as resource use, pollution, climate and environmental change, and energy sustainability.

Environmental Issues and Insights Course Description

3 Credit Hours

What are the most pressing environmental issues of our time? What do we need to know to address them? In this class, students approach these questions by expanding their knowledge and perspective, discussing important environmental ideas, and thinking about their future. Study of popular culture, history, and social conditions provide the bigger picture and put our environmental challenges in context.

Prerequisites for Unity College Students: IC 1111 or IC 1113, and CM 1013
Prerequisites for Non-Unity Students: College level writing course