Summer 2018 Online Undergraduate Credits Courses

Engage in learning next summer! Unity is offering online courses for current Unity College students and others who want to get a head start to graduate in four years, or for redoing a course. All courses are offered June 4 – July 29, 2018. A minimum course enrollment must be reached in order to run each course.  If a course is canceled, refunds will be processed within 30 days.

Enrolled students should participate in online orientation prior to the term start. Orientation will cover how to navigate the online platform and will also contain the student handbook. The orientation course is located on the Canvas platform.

Cost per credit – $570
Take a three-credit undergraduate course and receive 4.5 CEUs.

Environmental Communications

Environmental Issues and Insights

IC 2223 | 3 Credit Hours
Environmental Communications

Conservation Biology

BI 3233 | 3 Credit Hours
Environmental Communications

Natural Resource Law

PL 3213 | 3 Credit Hours
Environmental Communications

Animal Behavior

BI 3173 | 3 Credit Hours