Biology: The Diversity of Life Online Undergraduate Course

BI 1114

June 5 - July 30, 2017

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5.5 CEUs

An introductory biology course that covers scientific inquiry, professional communication skills as well as biological content such as DNA and inheritance, evolution, ecosystems, and ecological connections. Includes a laboratory experience.

Course Description

4 Credit Hours

Skills and foundational knowledge in this course prepare students to be knowledgeable citizens of a planet with numerous environmental challenges, most of which are based in biology. Students will engage in scientific inquiry, gain a clear sense of the nature and process of science, use quantitative information, develop professional communication skills, and appreciate the role of natural history in science. Topics will include the study of DNA and inheritance, the evolution of life, systematics and classification, matter and energy transfer through ecosystems, and ecological connections made relevant through the study of current environmental issues.

Prerequisite : High school level Algebra

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