Continuing Education

Continue your education with Unity College Online

Undergraduate Courses

All of our courses can be taken for Continuing Education Units (CEU). Take a three-credit undergraduate course and receive 4.5 CEUs for $1,710. A four-credit undergraduate course receives 5.5 CEUs for $2,280.

Courses starting in June:

Biology: Diversity of Life
Interpretive Methods
Natural Resource Law
Environmental Communications
Professional and Technical Writing
Introduction to Sociology
Conservation Biology
Administration and Organization
Animal Behavior
Composition and Communication II
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to GIS
Elementary Statistics
Applications in Mathematics: R

Graduate Courses

Take a graduate-level course and receive 4.5 CEUs for $2,550. These courses can allow you to transfer into one of our Master’s degree programs.

Courses starting in June:

Conservation Ecology
Leading Sustainable Change
Climate Dynamics

Courses starting in August:

Community Planning for Resiliency
Quantitative Methods
Strategic Management of Innovation

For more information contact:

Heather Stetkis
Phone: 207-509-7155