Conservation Biology Online Undergraduate Course

BIOL 305 (Flagship equivalency - BI 3323)
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July 13– August 16, 2020

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Continuing Education Units

4.5 CEU

Conservation Biology Course Overview

Students in this course will study the biological and human dimensions of protecting biodiversity globally.

Unity College Flagship equivalency = BI 3323 Conservation Biology. Current Unity College Students should enroll for classes through their student portal. Go to: > CAMS Student Portal > and choose the term date 2020-SU2A-5W

Course Description

3 Credit Hours

There’s a popular axiom in science that “all biology is now conservation biology.” This statement is telling in two ways: First, in the modern era it is hard to find a biological system that is untouched by humankind. Second, perhaps more than any other discipline conservation biology is highly integrative, bringing together such disparate fields as ecology, evolutionary biology, public policy, and sociology. In this course, we will lay the foundation for any field within the natural sciences or environmental studies. Specific topics that we will cover include the status of biodiversity, the threats facing biodiversity, the importance of ecosystem services, conservation policy, design and management of protected areas, and habitat restoration.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Discuss conservation biology in a scholarly manner with knowledge and support from current conservation biology techniques, methods, and practices.
  2. Think in a scientific manner and conduct and interpret scientific research at a high level.
  3. Identify their conservation ethic.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of current local and global conservation issues.

Prerequisites for Unity College Students: BIOL 203 or BI 2004
Prerequisites for Non-Unity Students: A college-level general ecology course

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