Dr. Jennifer Feighny

Instructor of Biology

Dr. Jennifer Feighny holds a Ph.D. in Biological Education, and over the past 15+ years, has taught more than 20 different undergraduate and graduate traditional laboratory and lecture courses in traditional face-to-face and online settings. Courses she has taught include introductory general and organismal biology, mammalogy, ecology, animal behavior, comparative vertebrate anatomy, environmental science, and biology for teachers. Additionally, she led groups of American undergraduate students in science-based volunteer programs in Australia.

Dr. Feighny’s research has focused on field-based animal behavior studies including Rocky Mountain elk vocalizations, temperature preference in fishes, distribution of hermit crabs and snails in Costa Rica, and various topics regarding wild bottlenose dolphin behavior in Virginia and South Carolina. She also worked for the National Park Service in their national office focusing on the development of technical guidance and user-friendly science communication tools for long-term monitoring of natural resources in national parks.

As a professor, Dr. Feighny strives to be a facilitator of knowledge who is organized, prepared, stimulating, and who holds a sincere interest in students’ learning. Her ultimate goal is to capture students’ minds and get them excited about learning, so they can apply their newly acquired knowledge outside the classroom.

Personally, Dr. Feighny lives in the front range of Colorado with her husband, four boys ages 12, 9 and 7 (twins) Yorkie and many cats. They are kept happily busy with active schedules in competitive hockey, school, hockey, soccer, swimming, and more hockey. Dr. Feighny loves to spend any free time reading, creating things, and running her cattery in which she raises hypoallergenic long-haired Siberian kittens.