Dr. Maureen Drinkard

Instructor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Dr. Maureen Drinkard holds a Ph.D. in Ecology from Kent State University (2012). Dr. Drinkard has a diverse academic and personal background spanning interests in ecology, environmental science and sustainability. She has published work in riparian community dynamics in international and national journals. Although her first love was aquatic insect ecology, sustainability on all scales has become her area of expertise. In addition to college teaching, she also works with community groups and individuals to show them how to meet their sustainability goals. 

Dr. Drinkard has a genuine passion for teaching science. She currently is a primary investigator on an NSF grant to improve student STEM outcomes by using remote-controlled drones (land, air, and water) to collect environmental data from afar. Dr. Drinkard’s infectious enthusiasm will drive you to find authentic connections to the material you discover in her classes.