Dr. Pieter deHart

Dean of Environmental Conservation and Research / Professor of Biology

Dean of Environmental Conservation and Research / Professor of Biology, Dr. Pieter deHart is a Conservation Biologist addressing questions related to foraging ecology and population dynamics of organisms across multiple scales and habitats. He completed his B.S. in Marine Biology from the University of Rhode Island and his Master’s degree in Biology from Boston University, exploring the Population biology of multiple seal species in New England through the marine program in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. He then continued his exploration of marine mammals through an examination of Bowhead whale migration and Steller sea lion feeding patterns using stable isotope analyses at the University of Alaska Fairbanks during his PhD.  

Over the past decade he has taught Biology and been program director of Science and Math at Mount Ida College, and served as an Associate Professor of Biology and Director of Undergraduate Research at Virginia Military Institute. During this time, he has conducted research exploring the role that higher trophic level consumers are affected by environmentally driven changes in food availability. As a systems-focused ecologist, he examines a wide range of species and systems, and has collaboratively published work ranging from the impacts of invasive plant species on the forest insect ecology, to dietary determinations of Mongoose in the Caribbean, and continues to explore a multitude of questions in a long-term project examining ecosystem dynamics in fish communities of the Brazilian Amazon. Through all his research endeavors, he has worked and published with undergraduates. In his teaching, he leads student-centered and active-learning courses ranging from Introductory Biology to Evolution, Aquatic Ecology, and Conservation Biology.