Environmental Issues: Energy, Water Scarcity, and Waste

EVPC 202 (Flagship equivalency - IC 2223)
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July 13 - August 16, 2020

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Environmental Issues: Energy, Water Scarcity, and Waste

Course Overview

What are the biggest environmental issues of our time? Where do we get our information about these issues? How should we address these issues? Environmental Issues and Insights will tackle these questions.

Unity College Flagship equivalency = IC 2223 Environmental Issues and Insights. Current Unity College Students should enroll for classes through their student portal. Go to: my.unity.edu > CAMS Student Portal > and choose the term date 2020-SU2A-5W. 

Environmental Issues Course Description

3 Credit Hours

This course is part of a two-course sequence that provides students with an understanding of the interconnectedness of looming environmental issues that the world faces. This class will provide students with a basic scientific understanding of energy, water scarcity, and waste, and overpopulation and address what societies can do that they aren’t currently doing. Upon completion, students will be able to critically assess these issues and provide models for making more sustainable choices.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:
1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of energy, water scarcity, and waste.
2. Recognize that environmental issues are complex and are global.
3. Understand basic scientific concepts behind environmental issues addressed in education, media, policy, legislation, and business decisions.
4. Develop a plan for the public to make more sustainable choices.

Prerequisites for Unity College Students: IC 1111 or IC 1113, and CM 1013
Prerequisites for Non-Unity Students: College level writing course

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