FAQs : Graduate Studies

Graduate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

Refund Schedule
Prior to the first day of class 100%. Students who do not check in, or actively start participation in their online courses during the add-drop period, will be considered withdrawn prior to the first day.

  • 1-3 calendar days 90%
  • 4-7 calendar days 75%
  • 8-14 calendar days 50%
  • 15-21 calendar days 25%
  • 22 or more calendar days 0%
Do you offer financial aid?

Yes, please click the link to review all the options.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We can discuss payment arrangements on an individual basis. Please contact the Distance Education Concierge at (207) 509-7155 or online@unity.edu.

Are books included in the cost of the course?

No. Books and lab materials must be purchased separately, but can be ordered online and delivered directly to you. Contact the Distance Education Concierge about the materials you will need to purchase before the first day of class.

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the online bookstore.

Do I have to be online a certain time to attend lectures?

No, our courses are asynchronous meaning we do not require students to be online at a certain time. There will be weekly readings, discussions, and assignments. Students will manage their time around these deadlines.

How can I complete this degree in 1 year?

Students enrolled in the M.S. in Professional Science degree can complete the degree in 1 year if attending full-time. Full-time is two courses each 8-week term.

Students enrolled in the MBA can complete the degree in just 14 months if attending full-time.

Students enrolled in the Environmental Studies undergraduate program, transfer 90 credits, and take a full-time course load can complete the degree in 1 year.