Introduction to Songwriting

ARTS 103 (Flagship course equivalency = AR)
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June 3 – July 28, 2019

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4.5 CEUs

Introduction to Songwriting Overview

Introduction to Songwriting students will learn how to craft, refine, and present their own songs – music and lyrics.

Unity College Flagship equivalency = AR equivalency. Current Unity College Students should enroll for classes through their student portal. Go to: > CAMS Student Portal > and choose the term date SU-19-1. 

Introduction to Songwriting Course Description

3 Credit Hours

Songwriters use language that moves us to action, marks our place in history, and expresses our individual and collective stories. In this course, students will learn how to craft, refine, and present their own songs–music and lyrics. Successful students will develop critical listening skills, gain proficiency as editors, and immerse themselves into self-designed creative practices. Development of a writer’s voice, understanding sense of place, various narrative styles, and traditional song structures will also be explored. Budding to intermediate songwriters will experiment with leveraging their newly minted skills for cultural, environmental, political, or personal impacts.

Learning outcomes
Students will:
1. Learn how to design and maintain a flexible, personalized creative practice.
2. Learn how to observe, listen, and analyze “like a songwriter.”
3. Learn how to identify and use different song forms, parts of a song, and common songwriting themes.
4. Learn how to maximize a song’s message through expressive, descriptive, and figurative language and emotional impact.

Prerequisites: None. Experience playing an instrument and comfort with singing will be helpful.

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