Natural Resource Law and Policy Online Undergraduate Course

ENCJ 305 (Flagship Equivalency - PL3213)
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July 13 – August 16

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4.5 CEUs

Natural Resource Law and Policy Overview

The resources of our planet are finite. Natural Resource Law looks at regulation and management of the resources found on our lands including air, water, and soil among others.

Unity College Flagship equivalency = PL 3213 Natural Resource Law. Current Unity College Students should enroll for classes through their student portal. Go to: > CAMS Student Portal > and choose the term date 2020-SU2A-5W. 

Natural Resource Law and Policy Course Description

3 Credit Hours

This survey course addresses not only the creation and management of our natural and wildlife resources on federal public lands, with a focus on the National Parks, National Forests, and the National Resource Lands (Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regulated lands), but also including the National Wildlife Refuge System and the National Wilderness Preservation System. Students will learn how interest groups, citizens, and the courts influence the management of natural resources on these lands. After taking the class, students should be familiar with the major public land legislation such as the National Forest and National Park “Organic Acts” and the Wilderness Act; as well as laws that affect our public lands, but apply more broadly, including the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. Through class work and their papers, students will also be familiar with different perspectives on some of the most important current issues facing our public lands.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:
1. Develop an understanding of the legal context for natural resource use and management.
2. Develop an understanding of the historical development and contemporary challenges of natural resource law and management in the United States.
3. Develop an understanding of the federal, state, and local legal processes that inform natural resource policy, law, and management.
4. Practice basic skills in legal research, analysis, and writing by using primary sources, including statutes, regulations, and court decisions.

Prerequisites for Unity College Students: PL 1013 or PL 2013 or Junior Status
Prerequisites for Non-Unity Students: 
A college-level government class; junior status

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July 13 - August 16