Introduction to Spanish

SPAN 101 (Flagship equivalency - HU 1003)
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Start Dates

May 4 – 24
July 13 – August 16

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Continuing Education Units

4.5 CEUs

Introduction to Spanish Overview

This course is an introduction of the use of the Spanish language with its emphasis on active communication through conversation, as well as the skills of reading and writing.

Unity College Flagship equivalency = HU 1003 Spanish. Current Unity College Students should enroll for classes through their student portal. Go to: > CAMS Student Portal > and choose the term date 2020-SU2A-5W. 

Spanish Course Description

3 Credit Hours

Introduction to Spanish will help the student acquire the fundamentals of pronunciation and grammar, practical vocabulary, useful phrases and the ability to understand, read, write and speak simple Spanish. Basic relevant information covered includes: geographical and historical background of the language. The class will prepare the student for further language study. The student will learn Spanish in the same manner s/he learned her/his first language:1. Listening to the language; 2. Repeating the new language; 3. Writing; 4. Reading; 5. Interactive participation.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:
1. Learn fundamentals of Spanish grammar.
2. Become skilled at conjugating verbs.
3. Be able to communicate in Spanish.
4. Learn the importance of correctly pronouncing a letter or word.
5. Identify Spanish speaking countries in the world.
6. Develop an ear for the spoken language.
7. Write dialogues in Spanish.

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May 4 - May 24

May 25 - June 28

July 13 - August 16