Animal Comparative Physiology

ANIM 304
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July 13 - August 16, 2020

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4.5 CEUs

Animal Comparative Physiology

The course is a systematic study of the function of internal animal systems, from the cellular to the organ-system level. Particular emphasis will be placed on processes supporting organismal homeostasis, with examples from animals commonly found in wild and captive veterinary care.  Throughout the term, you will investigate how environmental differences dictate the physiological strategies and responses of animals, including consequences to their health and well-being. Additional work will be focused on processes to collect physiological data, including analysis and interpretation for use in care of their health.

Credits: 3
Prerequisites: ANIM 302 Animal Comparative Anatomy

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Identify the physiological functions of and connections between the major organ systems found in multiple animal groups.
  • Explore and describe specific physiological responses of animals to various environmental stimuli.
  • Research and report on a specific physiological subject relevant to animal survival using appropriate peer-reviewed scientific sources.
  • Collaborate with other students to collect data, analyze, and report on at least one the application of at least one physiological data collection method to solve a specific animal health problem.

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