Marine Mammal and Seabird Biology

MBAQ 310
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July 6 - August 9, 2020

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4.5 CEUs

Marine Mammal and Seabird Biology

This course will provide students with an in-depth exploration into the identification, evolution, anatomy & physiology, population biology, behavior, and ecology of marine mammals and seabirds. We will explore the breadth and evolutionary history of all marine mammals and seabirds, with a particular emphasis on what makes each family and species unique. Students will become acquainted with the primary literature in this field, and refine critical thinking and public speaking through in-depth projects.  Multiple research projects will be pursued throughout the course across a wide range of topics related to the biology and ecology of these species, with a particular focus on conservation and ecology. In the pursuit of these projects, students will learn of the many sampling techniques used from land and sea platforms, and discuss how their data impacts the health and survival of these important organisms.

3 Credits
Prerequisites: BIOL 103 and BIOL 105
Modality: Online, Hybrid, or Face-to-face

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