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Undergraduate Academic Concentrations

Unity College Distance Education offers concentrations in GIS, Sustainable Business, Wildlife Ecology, and Emergency Disaster Management. These concentrations will prepare students to become skilled and reflexive professionals in growing job markets.

Environmental GIS

A concentration in Environmental GIS is available to all programs.

GISC 101: Introduction to GIS for Environmental Solutions
GISC 201: Maps and Graphics for a Changing World
GISC 301: Advanced Spatial Analysis and GIS Application

Sustainable Business

A concentration in Sustainable Business is available to all programs except Sustainable Business Management.

Complete any four of the following courses:
FINC 301 Environmental Accounting
FINC 401 Financing a Sustainable World
MGMT 201 Understanding the Sustainable Business Landscape
MGMT 301 Starting Your Small Non-Profit (or the Burt’s Bees course)
MGMT 303 Strategic Management for Social Change
MGMT 403 Global Chain Supply Operations: Greening Your Business
MGMT 405 Using Data for Sustainable Business Decisions
MKTG 301 Environmental Marketing and Branding

Wildlife Ecology

A concentration in Wildlife Ecology is available to all programs except Wildlife Conservation.

Complete any four of the following courses: 
BIOL 201 Organisms that Sustain the Earth: Understanding Plants
BIOL 203 Ecological Principles: Applications to Conservation and Wildlife
WCON 201 Wildlife Plant Identification: Wildlands and Wildlife Habitat
WCON 303 Life History and Identification of Birds and Mammals
WCON 305 Wildlife Conservation Genetics
WCON 307 Humans, Parasites, and Wildlife: Understanding the Impact of Insects on Wildlife

Emergency Disaster Management

A concentration in Emergency Disaster Management is available to all programs except Environmental Emergency Management and Law Enforcement.

Complete any four of the following courses: 
EMGT 301 Public Policy and Planning for Emergency Management and Law Enforcement
EMGT 303 Planning and Responding to Natural Disasters
EMGT 307 Planning and Responding to Cyberthreats and Terrorism
EMGT 403 Implementation of Emergency Management: Simulation and Exercises
EMGT 203 Environmental Social Justice and Disasters
ENCJ 201 Law Enforcement and Emergency Management in the Age of Globalization
ENCJ 305 Natural Resource Law and Policy
ENCJ 401 Environmental Compliance, Regulation, and Mitigation

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